Meet our GOALS Ambassadors

Ruth Wilkinson
Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor
NZ Fitness Awards Winner (2014)

Ruth's passion has always been to help people achieve better health through exercise and nutrition.


Ruth offers a '30 Day challenge' and exclusive online programme. Which involves short, daily workouts (with no equipment needed) and full nutritional guidance and support. Designed specifically for busy mums and women and will give you the kick-start you need to get started or get back on track. 

"I used to spend a lot of time working out before becoming a mum. Now it's a lot harder. I've found that as mums we can become so focused on our little ones that we forget to prioritise exercise, or feel guilty taking the time out when we do.  I had lost my identity in becoming a new mum. I missed how amazing exercise made me feel."

"Don't get me wrong, it's important to make your children a priority, but I do believe that to give our families the best of ourselves, we need to give from a full cup and not an empty one.... and my cup was often empty.  I found with all the feeding, lack of sleep, trying to get housework done, I lacked the motivation to get out and move. Then I realised that I was making this all too hard on myself - the most important thing was to just take action and DO IT. It didn't need to be perfect, it didn't need to be for long, I simply had to get moving - and I could do this from home WITH my baby by my side if I had to.  I had the know-how and the skills to do this. Why was I making this so hard?"

This is how The Home Body Mum was created.  Ruth wanted to keep herself accountable - to take action, and also wanted to help other mummas out there to do the same.

"I wanted to create a community of mums and women where we could share our wins, our struggles and celebrate each other. I'm hugely passionate and proud of the community that we have.  And that I get to inspire other mums to better health every day."


Hannah Mai 

Hannah is an industry leading Personal Trainer and new mum with over 9 years in the health and fitness industry. Hannah’s mission is to motivate and inspire her clients to achieve the ultimate healthy lifestyle through fitness, education, motivation and self-love. Hannah has ran her own Personal Training Business for 7 years specialising in Ladies Transformation challenges that help target 

 Weightloss, Muscle Toning, Body Sculpting, Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Training, As well as Mindset and Nutrition. Yeah 

 She’s proud to have created a safe, fun, social and supportive community for women who are on their own journey to ultimate health and their ultimate selves. 

 “I find myself so lucky and honoured to live my passion daily and be able touch and shape people’s lives in even the smallest of ways. Witnessing women empowering each other physically and growing personally is truly so rewarding.”



Bridget Paddon 

Bids bouncing in! I'm a Goals coach from Goal Diggers NZ where I empower my soul aligned clients to create and start living their own version of a kick ass fulfilling life! I used to be an activewear addict, but now I consciously choose what I invest in and go for quality over quantity, which is why Goals is one of the only stores I'll buy from. I'm a born and bred Southlander and would call Central Otago my second home. I love all of the #naturegasms in the area and try to remind myself how incredible it is to live in a country full of so many different landscapes. My favourites brands from Goals are Nimble, Onzie and Tigerlily. 


 You can find me on instagram @bridgetpaddon and @goaldiggersnz, on facebook Goal Diggers NZ, and check out my website and my coaching website.

Can't wait to connect!