Aim'n Resistance Bands-3pk - Black

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Boost your workout with these resistance bands from Aim'n. Designed to let you strength-train and achieve a full-body workout without weights. The AIM'N Resistance Bands contains dusty pink bands in light, medium and heavy resistance strength. A cute aim´n bag is included so you can easily take them wherever you go or train anytime! This kit is perfect for working out while you are travelling or at home.

Length: 60 cm / 23.6 Inches

Width: 5 cm / 1.9 Inches

FABRIC: 100% natural latex

Do not expose them to direct sunlight, extreme cold or heat and if they get wet, wipe them with a cloth and powder with cornmeal or baby powder. Do not stretch the band more than 3-4 times than its "normal" length.

Light 13-15 kg (25-30lbs)
Medium 15-17 kg (32-37lbs)
Heavy 20-23 kg (45-50lbs)