Aim'n Soft Knit Hat - Beige

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Get through those chilly days with a cozy Beige Soft Knit Hat. This hat in oh-so-soft fabric will keep you looking chic and is the perfect accessory for any activewear or athleisure outfit.

This yarn is made of a very soft fibre composition and is loosely spun, which gives the garment its lovely and super soft feel. When it comes to these types of soft and airy yarns, pilling is inevitable and will occur to the garment after some usage. It is a natural effect of this type of yarn. Treat the garment delicately and hand wash only and air dry instead of washing is preferable with all knitted items. If/when pilling occurs, remove by handpicking or with a fabric shaver of good quality. 46% Acrylic, 45% Nylon, 5% Wool, 4% Spandex