Best Walks in Arrowtown

Best Walks in Arrowtown

It's no secret that Arrowtown, NZ is one of the best places in the world to visit and take in the incredible scenery that surrounds us. We have prepared a list of our favourite walks around the town to help you plan for your trip here!

Historic Arrowtown

A short walk off the main street of Arrowtown will take you around the partially restored buildings from the Chinese Settlement in 1880s. Follow the stream through the trees and view these historic huts at your own leisure. This walk is great for some fresh air and experiencing what Arrowtown has to offer from its back doorstep. It is an easy access walk and dogs are welcome on a leash which is a bonus!

Arrowtown River Loop

The River Track walk is one of the most popular in Arrowtown. Only a short 5 minute walk from the main street, follow the river down stream and you will end up at the bridge which is the start of the 4km loop track. The track is mostly flat ground with a few small hills to keep the heart rate pumping. It is a relatively easy level track that is perfect for walking with your dogs and/or children, biking and running, and offers calming scenery as you walk under the trees with the sound of the river next to you.

 arrowtown river loop track

Tobins Track

If you are up for a hill walk, this is one we would recommend!  Tobins track starts at the River Track bridge and takes you straight up the ridge line over Arrowtown. On average, it takes just over an hour to get up and back with a distance of 5km in total. This walk is dog friendly and with the gradual incline up the whole way, we would recommend an easy to moderate fitness level. Trust us, the view from the top is worth it!

Tobins Track from Arrowtown

Sawpit Gully

A popular weekend activity is the trek up Sawpit Gully. This 2-3 hour return hike takes you from the Arrow River off the main street Arrowtown, and over the ridge behind the big hill towering over Arrowtown. Walking the track clockwise, it starts with a steep ascend as you head into the Gully. As you get to the top you are greeted by a mixture of scenery including open grass countryside, the Remarkables mountain range and Lake Hayes. The walk carries on up and down hills, through a river gully (with a couple of fun river crossings) and back up along the Mace Town track into Arrowtown. This can be a challenging walk and we would recommend a medium to high fitness level, but the scenery is breathtaking.

sawpit gully looking back at Lakes Hayes

New Chum Valley

The New Chum Valley hike starts just over 1km up Tobins Track, where you turn left off Tobins Track and head over the hill. Similar to Sawpit Gully, this track is a challenging 2-3 hour adventure that would require a medium to high fitness level and some grippy walking shoes. There are some extraordinary lookout points along the way, as well as some steep down and up hill slopes. The track can get narrow at some points so watch where you are stepping! Once you descend into the Valley, the track takes you back up the ridge on the other side and finishes up at the Mace Town river track

New Chums walk Arrowtown 

"Linksgate Hill"

A hidden gem for the locals, this track is a short walk up and over the hill that separates Arrowtown and the new subdivision Linksgate. It starts at the back of the Arrowtown Cemetery and heads straight up the side of the rocky slope. Good shoes are recommended because there are a lot of rocks!!  Once at the top you get to enjoy a 360 degree view of Arrowtown, Linksgate and Millbrook. Either head back down into Arrowtown the same way you came up, or keep walking along the top and down the other side into Linksgate. This is a relatively easy and short walk but the hill is quite steep so be prepared to sweat! 

Mace Town

Behind Arrowtown lies a small historic gold mining settlement that many travellers visit every day by 4WD, mountain biking or walking. This is a great track to escape from it all, following alongside the Arrow River off the main street of Arrowtown. It's about 15km to the partially-restored historic site, so chose to walk the whole way or turn around and head back to town for a bite to eat - you deserve it! Check out more information on the Mace Town Historic Reserve here.


You can find comprehensive information at the Department of Conservation (DOC) website, or in the brochure atttached.