Layby Terms

Layby is offered on all Canada Goose Jackets, Parkas and Vests.

Laybys are subject to the Lay-by Sales Act 1971.

GOALS Terms for Layby on Canada Goose.

- we require an initial 25% deposit.

- the remaining 75% must be paid within 4 weeks from the initial deposit.


In Store, Eftpos, Cash or Credit Card

By Internet: Direct Credits can be made directly to our bank via internet banking using your name and invoice number as a reference.


If you have not paid the full amount by the end of the lay-by term (4 weeks), GOALS has the right to re-sell any item/s you have on lay-by and keep part or all of your deposit (for administration and storage fees). Any payments made over and above the required deposit amount will be refunded to you.


You can terminate your lay-by at any stage of the 4 week term but there will be penalty fees. If you terminate your layby in the first week (7 days from the day of your deposit) there is a penalty fee of 10% of the total purchase amount. If you terminate after the first 7 days the penalty fee is 25%, which will be your full deposit.

If you are unable to make a payment please contact our head office as soon as possible 03 442 1355.