100 Day Transformation - Book your Spot

100 Day Transformation - Book your Spot

Ruth Wilkinson (The Home Body Mum & GOALS Ambassador) is no stranger to Challenges. She has been involved in running challenges since she started working as a PT 6 years ago at her local gym – and she loves them!

Since becoming a mum 2 years ago, she has not returned to doing 1:1 personal training. She recognised through her own experience, that it was very hard for some women to commit to the gym. She now does all her own training at home, in the comfort (and warmth) of her living room and at times with her toddler running around and trying to climb all over her (mum life!) 

Almost 1 year ago, she launched her 30 Day Challenge. It drew massive interest from mums and busy women who were wanting to do something structured from home, but still be part of an organised group of likeminded women striving to achieve their health and fitness goals. She believes it really works because it’s realistic, achievable and enjoyable. Workouts are all less than 20 mins total, so it’s not hard to fit it into your day. She has helped hundreds of mums and women to achieve amazing results through this Challenge.

But Ruth found that at the end of it, women were wanting more! Although she runs a membership group with lots of similar workouts in it, women really enjoy being part of an organised challenge. She also found that 30 days was just not long enough to build solid, sustainable habits, and many were in need of help with their mindset, which was causing them to unknowingly self-sabotage their best results. YOU ARE what you think. YOU ARE your habits. 

And so the 100 Day Challenge was born…

100 day challenge

Ruth has designed this new challenge to get women working on BOTH mind and body and really focusing on creating and cementing healthy habits. Good habits once established, are just as hard to break as bad habits, and Ruth dives deep into helping her clients create the habits required for success to reach their goals, and most importantly KEEP them, through consistent action over 100 days.

Her workout programmes are focused on shredding fat and offer lots of variety to keep your body guessing and keep you from getting bored, and they are again under 20 mins. She provides all the tools, resources and coaching necessary for success, and through teamwork her clients are provided accountability to help them successfully reach the end, and beyond, when their habits are working FOR them.

Ruth is super excited about launching this Challenge to the public.  If the results from her 30 Day Challenge are anything to go by, then this one is going to be very, very special and life-changing for many women!

So if you are frustrated with yo-yo dieting and exercise, not being able to achieve results you desire because of lack of consistency… if you are committed and serious about getting fit and healthy, changing your body and your lifestyle, then this challenge is for you!

It will kick off on Saturday 24th August and finish up on Sunday 1st December – the first day of summer!

Ruth will be offering an opportunity to be a founding member of the very first 100 Day Challenge. All founding members get a special one-time only discount and the opportunity to join via a pre-sale before the general public can join. Numbers are strictly limited though, so get yourself on the list so you can secure your spot.

More info and to join the pre-sale list