Don't Be Salty

Don't Be Salty

Feeling tired? Went too hard at the gym? Need to relax? Salt Lab are here to help with their amazing range of Magnesium Chloride products. Magnesium is crucial to our energy levels, which is why magnesium deficiency can lead to feeling tired and groggy. It's super important to make sure we maintain the amount of magnesium we have in our bodies to ensure proper sleep quality and overall wellbeing, and luckily, this can be done through the use of Salt Lab's products!

Magnesium Oil Spray
Salt Lab's original Magnesium Oil Spray in front of green activewear
The OG! Salt Lab's 100ml Magnesium Oil Spray is a convenient way to incorporate magnesium into your every day life. Gently massaging a few spritzes on your back, legs, stomach, or feet 10-30 minutes before you go to sleep is all you need to wake up feeling refreshed. This is always a sell out, so grab one while you can!
Magnesium Bath Salts
A bag of Salt Lab's Magnesium Bath Salts in front of green activewear
If you are wanting to add a little luxury to your nighttime routine, then run yourself a relaxing bath and add Salt Lab's Magnesium Bath Salts. A premium blend of 100% magnesium chloride flakes, bentonite clay and Dead Sea salts, this will have you feeling cleansed and ready for a good night's sleep. A must have for any self-care ritual!
Kids Magnesium Oil Spray

A bottle of Salt Lab's Kids Magnesium Oil in front of green activewear

Can't forget about the little ones! Salt Lab have created a kid-friendly Magnesium Oil Spray, formulated to be more gentle than the original product, so you can use on your child's skin without having to worry about irritation. Massage into their feet before bed so they drift off into a restful sleep.