A woman doing a pilates workout in new Lorna Jane activewear

Get Fit in 2024!

New year, fresh start. If you're wanting to embark on a fitness journey in 2024, let us help you with these handy tips for making the most out of your year. 

1. Set realistic goals

Start small! Setting goals you'll actually be able to achieve is super important for staying motivated and tracking progress. You might have one main goal in mind, but breaking it down into 'mini goals' can help you stay on track as they are less overwhelming - this is also great if you're just getting started on your fitness journey because you'll be hitting your goals faster and will have a tangible way of seeing yourself improve. 

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2. Fuel your body

Make sure you're giving your body the nutrition it needs to keep up with your workouts. You're going to be burning more energy, so you need to make sure you're refueling yourself so you don't become burnt out and lethargic. This also means staying hydrated! It's super important to keep up your water intake (we are made from around 60% water after all) especially in the hot Summer months. Get that emotional support water bottle out, it'll be your new best friend.

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3. Bring a friend

It can be tough to stay motivated, especially if you're only relying on yourself, so ask a friend to work out with you! Holding each other accountable can make a fitness journey a lot easier. Whether you go for walks together or do a gym class, helping each other along the way makes it so you're more likely to stay on track and achieve those goals.

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4. Allow time to recover

While it might be exciting starting a fitness lifestyle, it's also important to remember that recovery days are vital. This ensures you're not going to injure yourself and allows your body to recharge. Always stretch and warm up before your workouts, know your limits, and give yourself rest days so you can start back fresh and ready to go! It can be good to invest in things like a good quality magnesium spray or foam roller to aid your muscles in recovery.

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5. Consistency is key

You're not going to see progress unless you actually put in the work. Try making a plan for the week - what time are you going to exercise each day? How long for? What kind of exercise will you do? Planning your workouts for the week can help you stay on track and hold you accountable. Actually sticking to your goals can be tough, but trust that putting in the effort consistently WILL pay off!

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Whatever your goals are for 2024, we're here to help you achieve them, and we know you will! Good luck 💪